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Due to ignorance and flawed planning laws in the United Kingdom, our historic environment is being compromised, if not destroyed. Millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money are being squandered, which leads to false historical narratives.

Children do not ask to come into this world. However, when we bring them up, we have a duty of care, if we wish to create a more socially cohesive society. It must not be left solely to teachers. We must all take part. 


In Britain, regardless of origin, race, colour or creed a child born here must know that this is home and that they, too, have a vested interest. The truth must be paramount and taught with a true understanding of our heritage.

It is inconceivable that an army of government quangos, with an abundance of PhDs and heritage professionals, all dedicated to the protection of our heritage, has produced an historical narrative that has now become a vacuous pastime, thus rendering it kitsch and mere pastiche. This is said without malice or prejudice to any one person, organisation or political party; I am an independently minded person wanting the best for future generations and our country. We should all have concerns when we hear that six and seven-year-olds carry knives into school, and that some of our students are so heavily in debt, in order to stay the course, some girls AND boys have to succumb to prostitution. Needless to say, if their degree happens to be in Arts and the Humanities, then it is worthless.  


The Statue of Pope Urban II et CM Taylor.

Justice for all.

Deus Vult. God Wills it!

“Know that I’m here on an invite, after the bloody boy king, Edward V1, said”, “No graven images.”

As a wool merchant, merchant of the Staple of Calais, and Pilgrim, wearing spectacles such as mine, they called me blind. However, it appears most of you with your twenty-twenty vision have had, or are having the wool pulled over your eyes. 

This is rather sad – a country that professes to be a Christian country, known around the globe for its pomp circumstance and pageantry (people clunking about in archaic costumes, if they fell down, they would struggle to get back on their feet without assistance). A King, as God’s representative on earth, says, “he wishes to be the leader of all faiths.” “I do hope you are all on the same page with that, fate or faith?” 

A country that prides itself on fair play, and the rule of law. Values you all hold dear, and yet! It appears there is a tiered system (rotten to the core) within your society in the United Kingdom. It seems there are those with special privileges, to the point, that those who are being paid from the public purse will do whatsoever it takes to gain the upper hand for those special people, even if it means destroying future generations' education and the integrity of the humanities. This is reminiscent of the dissolution of the monasteries. What constitutes that? Grantham, a town with a population of approximately 55, 000, and you do not even have a proper hospital, and you call us medieval. 

You may ban the books, you may even burn the books, but the TRUTH will be out. 
Uhuru Kenyatta, President of the Republic of Kenya, and Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Blog posts Das Vereinigte Königreich (UK) und Kenia sind Gastgeber des wichtigen Gipfeltreffens fiir Bildungswesen 2021

Das Gipfeltreffen wird Mitte 2021 im Vereinigten Konigreich stattfinden, mit der Absicht einflussreichen Führungskräften und Institutionen weltweit nahe zu legen, allen Kindem Schulbildung und Lemen zu ermöglichen.

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Ellys Manor House and Bad Wimpfen


The Ellys Manor House (left), in the village of Great Ponton, United Kingdom, is said to be the ‘Ad Pontem’ of the Romans. Bad Wimpfen - Medieval Imperial Town on the Neckar River. Bad Wimpfen is a lovely historic spa and tourist town on the Neckar River near the city of Heilbronn in the Baden-Württemberg region of southern Germany.

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the Peackock and Argus Panoptes


Argus Panoptes is often described as a giant with a hundred eyes, but was that really true?

Keep reading to learn more about Hera's most watchful servant!

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Ellys Manor House and Church


EMH with church (together), are without doubt, two of our most important historical buildings in Western Christendom, evoking our journey – our story, the entire history of Europe.

House, church, the architectural language, and wall paintings, bearing some of our most important and recognisable early Christian symbols and those of Greek Mythology.

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The Artichoke wall painting, original and enhanced version at Ellys Manor House


Vores samfund har udviklet sig fra et landbrugssamfund, og et af de mest bestandige symboler, artiskokken, optrader på vagmalerierne i Ellys Manor House.

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The Peacock Ellys Manor House wall painting original and enhancement


Argos Panoptes fremstilles ofte som en kampe med 100 øjne, men var det virkelig rigtigt? Læs videre for at få mere at vide om Heras med trofaste tiener.

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Uhuru Kenyatta, President of the Republic of Kenya, and Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Le Royaume Uni Et Le Kenya Participent A Un Sommet Majeur Sur L’education En 2021

Le sommet aura lieu au Royaume-Uni mi 2021 et convoquera les plus importants acteurs et decisionnaires dans le but d'envoyer tous les enfants a l'ecole.

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Ellys Manor House - Who protects the integrity of humanities and the arts

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