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Description of who is Aesop
“When people can no longer recognise their history and culture, it is like a child in a shopping mall. Poor little mite becomes so intoxicated with bombast and bling, in a short while, it can no longer recognise its mother.”
“It would be so sad if, for thousands of years, western civilisation has talked the talk, Only to find we are no longer able to walk the walk.”
A detailed section of the early 16th-century wall paintings at Ellys Manor House (EMH). Great Ponton, Grantham, United Kingdom. 

Ellys manor house wall painting

“It would be so sad if, for thousands of years, Western civilisation has talked the talk, Only to find that due to our ineptitude, we are no longer able to walk the walk.”  

Ellys manor house slippers

Ellys Manor House and Bad Wimpfen


The Ellys Manor House (left), in the village of Great Ponton, United Kingdom, is said to be the ‘Ad Pontem’ of the Romans. Bad Wimpfen - Medieval Imperial Town on the Neckar River. Bad Wimpfen is a lovely historic spa and tourist town on the Neckar River near the city of Heilbronn in the Baden-Württemberg region of southern Germany.

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the Peackock and Argus Panoptes


Argus Panoptes is often described as a giant with a hundred eyes, but was that really true?

Keep reading to learn more about Hera's most watchful servant!

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Great Ponton

The Project Gutenberg eBook, The Great North Road: London to York, by Charles G. Harper

Lincolnshire now begins to thoroughly belie its p.178 reputation for flatness, the road descending steeply from Colsterworth and rising sharply from Easton Park to the park of Stoke Rochford, with another long sharp descent beyond, and a further rise of some importance into Great Ponton, another of the very small “Great” villages.

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Ellys Manor House and Church


EMH with church (together), are without doubt, two of our most important historical buildings in Western Christendom, evoking our journey – our story, the entire history of Europe.

House, church, the architectural language, and wall paintings, bearing some of our most important and recognisable early Christian symbols and those of Greek Mythology.

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Understanding Ellys Manor House

Understanding Ellys Manor House

To understand Ellys Manor House (EMH), is to understand the architectural language of northern Europe.

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The Art of Recognition - A Winning Formula

The Art of Recognition - A Winning Formula

The Art of Recognition, lose the ability, and we are no longer able to recognise truth. It is imperative that this skill is kept alive and taught from a very early age. Up at Ellys Manor House (EMH) in Lincolnshire, the birthplace of this programme, we are well aware of its importance.

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EMH Culture and Trade

Prince P. Lobanov-Rostovsky supports EMH project

Great Ponton Primary School joins Ellys Manor House (EMH) to thank: -

Prince P. Labanov-Rostovsky for his kind support to the EMH project "The Art of Recognition"

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Ellys Manor House a testament to the Northern Renaissance

The Art of Recognition - Ellys Manor House Petition

Ellys Manor House (pronounced Ellis, affectionately referred to as EMH), is without doubt one of the United Kingdom’s most significant historic buildings. Historic notes credit Anthony Ellys, a rich English wool merchant of the Staple of Calais, as builder of the house and the adjacent church tower in the late medieval/early Tudor period.

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