The Art of Recognition

John Betjeman - A Lincolnshire Tale


The custodians of Ellys Manor House are sorry to inform you we have been forced to close our significant and historic building to the public.

We are defending our heritage, help us to protect our historic environment.

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The merchants have gathered,

and they are not looking happy

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They have sailed the world for hundreds of years to bring some of the finest materials known to us. However, in more recent times, we seem to have been blown off course, indulging in synthetic materials, which over time is a false economy. The fact is; we have now run out of landfill sites. Thus we can no longer continue with our throw-away lifestyle.

Wise men once adorned their great Civic buildings, homes and gardens with religious symbols and symbols attributed to Aesop, in the hope that those who had to make big decisions, would be inspired to think wisely. Today, once more our friends are telling us that they too wish to think wisely, as we should all be doing.

Ethically Made, Natural Materials

Quality and Durability.

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Members of our current and future generation, they are looking at us on mass; and on mass, they feel that we are letting them down. Thus they are coming together to make a stand, using the ancient Ellys Manor House (EMH), that iconic building (that fully encapsulates the whole of early modern European and British history) as their platform to draw attention to the problem.

A private home

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Fox and Crane fables

attributed to Aesop.

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Open from Easter until 31st October daily from 10am to 5pm, Closed on Tuesdays.
Last admission to house at 4.30pm.
As Ellys Manor House is a private home, the house may, on occasions, have to close without prior notice due to other commitments. To avoid disappointment, please telephone first.

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