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Great Ponton

The Project Gutenberg eBook, The Great North Road: London to York, by Charles G. Harper

Lincolnshire now begins to thoroughly belie its p.178 reputation for flatness, the road descending steeply from Colsterworth and rising sharply from Easton Park to the park of Stoke Rochford, with another long sharp descent beyond, and a further rise of some importance into Great Ponton, another of the very small “Great” villages.

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The Peacock Ellys Manor House wall painting original and enhancement


Argos Panoptes fremstilles ofte som en kampe med 100 øjne, men var det virkelig rigtigt? Læs videre for at få mere at vide om Heras med trofaste tiener.

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An English Wool Merchant

En engelsk uldhandler

Ellys - en engelsk uldhandler i Calais, da denne by stadig havde monopol på al eksport af uld til kontinentet. Ellys' motto var "Think and Thank God of all" (Tænk og tak den almægtige Gud). Henrik den 8.'s kronikør John Leland skriver: "Elis greatly risen by
merchandise" (Elis blev meget rig gennem handel) i sin liste over stormændene fra Kesteven i det sydvestlige England.

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Ellys an English Wool Merchant

The Ellys family.

From the wealth of the wool trade, merchants of the Calais Staple - sped their way into the aristocracy. Later, statemen, bibliophile, book collector and patron of scholars. Sir Charles Hanbury Williams ( wrote much satirical verse, and Horace Walpole professed to believe him the greatest poet of his generation), his poem on the Struggle to Succeed Ellys.

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Uhuru Kenyatta, President of the Republic of Kenya, and Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Le Royaume Uni Et Le Kenya Participent A Un Sommet Majeur Sur L’education En 2021

Le sommet aura lieu au Royaume-Uni mi 2021 et convoquera les plus importants acteurs et decisionnaires dans le but d'envoyer tous les enfants a l'ecole.

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Archbishop Richard Bancroft

Defending Our Heritage

The custodians of Ellys Manor House are sorry to inform you we have been forced to close our significant and historic building to the public. Ellys Manor House, and the neighbouring Grade 1 listed Church, fully encapsulates early modern European and British history. The two buildings form an iconic landmark in Britain; we know many of you have enjoyed visiting us.

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The Art of Recognition - A Winning Formula

The Art of Recognition - A Winning Formula

The Art of Recognition, lose the ability, and we are no longer able to recognise truth. It is imperative that this skill is kept alive and taught from a very early age. Up at Ellys Manor House (EMH) in Lincolnshire, the birthplace of this programme, we are well aware of its importance.

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Traitors Gate - The Wool Producer

Traitors Gate

Edward the III ( one of England's greatest Kings, when kings fought shoulder to shoulder with their men on the battlefield), partly went to war to save our wool routes, had he not done so, today things would have been very different.

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