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Thinking about Aesop's Fable

Ellys Manor House a Tale of Culture and Trade

An Extract from Lincolnshire Life
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Ellys Manor House in Lincolnshire is one of Britain’s most unique historic buildings.

EMH is leading a charge to promote the northern renaissances.  It has gained support from KBC Bank NV, through the Rockox House in Antwerp. In 2011 Ellys Manor House had on show for one year, one of Antwerp’s most amazing tapestries – the mytho-logical garden of love. The tapestry was woven in Brussels or Tournai, ca. 1500 – 1520. This magical and unique building, already boasts what is said to be the most complete, extensive and important domestic decoration in the country, dating from around 1500.

Flemmish Tapestry

You can read about the tapestry by downloading a PDF file here.