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Ellys an English Wool Merchant

The Ellys family.

From the wealth of the wool trade, merchants of the Calais Staple - sped their way into the aristocracy. Later, statemen, bibliophile, book collector and patron of scholars. Sir Charles Hanbury Williams ( wrote much satirical verse, and Horace Walpole professed to believe him the greatest poet of his generation), his poem on the Struggle to Succeed Ellys.

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The Ellys Bikling Library


Learning to Collect

The library now as Blickling Hall contains the accumulated books of generations of the Hobart Family, who have lived there since the earl seventeenth century.

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Ellys Manor House - Who protects the integrity of humanities and the arts

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The Pomegranate wall painting at Ellys Manor House

The Pomegranate (as seen in the Ellys Manor House wall paintings - artistically enhanced), also known as the "fruit of the dead'.

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Archbishop Richard Bancroft

Defending Our Heritage

The custodians of Ellys Manor House are sorry to inform you we have been forced to close our significant and historic building to the public. Ellys Manor House, and the neighbouring Grade 1 listed Church, fully encapsulates early modern European and British history. The two buildings form an iconic landmark in Britain; we know many of you have enjoyed visiting us.

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DANGER! DANGER! RED ALERT!  Our Heritage is under attack!

Due to ignorance and flawed planning laws in the United Kingdom, our historic environment is being compromised, if not destroyed. Millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money are being squandered, which leads to false historical narratives.

Children do not ask to come into this world. However, when we bring them up, we have a duty of care, if we wish to create a more socially cohesive society. It must not be left solely to teachers. We must all take part.

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Ellys Manor House East Facade

Dear Mr Hindmarch,

Further to our conversation, I write to seek your support as follows: -

My late wife and I were drawn to this wonderful county of Lincolnshire by Ellys Manor House and the adjacent church of the Holy Cross (as line drawing above), together these two iconic buildings form an historic landmark to the area.

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Santander Foundation

Santander Foundation Helps Ellys Manor House.

Santander has kindly decided to help us realise an important project along with our local school, Great Ponton Primary School. Today they have run a bake sale to continue their commitment of raising funds for getting the children transport to St Pancras. Below is the email we sent to Brandy McCabe, Branch Manager at Santander, to share our idea for the project and ask for their support.


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