Keep in mind that in our seven years of persecution at Ellys Manor House (EMH), there has been a planning investigation and an Ombudsman investigation, both of which said everything was fine. However, when I continued to experience issues, I got in touch with the South Kesteven District Council (SKDC), Planning and Conservation Department, to request a copy of the plans for the work being carried out by Nathan and Agnes Welham at the Barns adjacent to EMH, for me to show to an independent architect and surveyor.

Much to my surprise, I was told by Sylvia Bland, Head of Development Management at SKDC, “There are none.” I have her stamped letter in my files before she exited from SKDC.

There is a fact-check list. However, what I do not wish to do, is to make any assumptions. Such is the enormity that surrounds this case. I am certain that all the players will be more than happy to give their explanations in a court of law. After all, it is also imperative for us all to know and understand if, in this United Kingdom, this Christian country where we still anoint a King and a Queen, to be God’s representatives on earth, and from around the globe people bore witness to them swearing to protect God’s house. Are we all oblivious as to what God’s house looks like?  Do we practice a two-tier system among the citizens of this United Kingdom? If so, what constitutes that?


Architectural Language


Ellys Manor House Project 


Equal justice for all

The Statue of Pope Urban II et CM Taylor (Chosen). Deus Vult! God Wills it!


King Baldwin 1V – a King at thirteen, at sixteen, led the charge that defeated Saladin. 

King Baldwin 1V – a King at thirteen, at sixteen, led the charge that defeated Saladin.


Raynald de Chatillon – Prince of Antioch 

Raynald de Chatillon – Prince of Antioch


Raynald – beheaded by Sulton Saladin. 

Raynald – beheaded by Sulton Saladin.


They and so many others fought and died for Christendom. Are we not now defecating on Christendom and christology? 


“Who do they say we are?”

Nelson Mandela
To mark the 100th Birthday of the late Nelson Mandela, here is a picture of his Investiture as the Bailiff Grand Cross of the Order St.John in 2004 with Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester.



One minute we are being told how angels descend to carry Saints up to heaven, and then all this abuse happens. This is the sort of thing that gets emeritus Professor Richard Dawkins and Stephen Fry’s goat. If we are to have these fanciful stories, should we not attempt at least to have continuity and clarity? 


How does one explain what follows: - 

Nathan & Agnes Welham at the Barns Great Ponton, Nr. Grantham, United Kingdom.


Former leader Cllr Mathew Lee, Aiden Rave CEO,  former leader Cllr Kelham Cooke (SKDC)
Karen Bradford CEO with Cllr Kelham Cooke SKDC.


The Barns Great Ponton, Grantham, United Kingdom


The Barns Great Ponton, Grantham, United Kingdom    


The Barns Great Ponton, Grantham, United Kingdom  For Ellys Manor House with the Holy Cross Church life is sheer hell.   



Smoke coming from the adjacent Barns. Great Ponton, Grantham, United Kingdom
 Smoke coming from the adjacent Barns.  Great Ponton, Grantham, United Kingdom

The Barns Great Ponton, Grantham, United Kingdom

The Barns Great Ponton, Listed Wall. Historic England knows of this. United Kingdom.
How can people in the government employ be paid to carry out tasks, to which they are completely oblivious?  
Students attend Universities with faculties in the Humanities and Art history, and the scholars are oblivious to what is being taught.  
When an angry mob pulls a statue from a plinth and throws it into the river, we can all become quite exercised about criminal damage.

Sterling Castle, Scotland, United Kingdom 

Sterling Castle

However, what about when millions of pounds are spent for SCHOLARS to tart up historic buildings in a way that compromises their integrity?

Are we now just feeble-minded buffoons, to be the world’s laughingstock? Just a few months ago, people from around the globe were focused on the United Kingdom, as they watched us anoint a King and his Queen. Yet now it appears, we cannot even recognise God’s house. May God have mercy on our miserable souls. It is this orgy of ignorance and skulduggery that makes us bear witness to the carnage in the Holy Land today. 

I am now appealing to scholars, heritage professionals and planning, to explain ELLYS MANOR HOUSE to the public, and why our children are left to play among the dead. 



GREAT PONTON, GRANTHAM, UNITED KINGDOM – Let them play among the dead.  


Great Ponton, Grantham, United Kingdom!

How do you do this to your own ?!


From the farthest reaches of the globe, even those living in tents today, all have widescreen television, which they are glued to. Now I can hear them mocking. They watch the people of this pomp and circumstance country tripping up over their knuckles and debate whether it was their cufflinks.

Gone are the cacophonous cries of the government’s mantra. Education! Education! Education! Although, I hasten to add, “a couple of weeks ago, I did hear a pipsqueak of a whimper, a mention of world-class education to our shores”. I think it would be fair to say, “We must first define education”.

“Should anyone be in doubt of my knowledge, be assured, that what is to come will make WAR AND PEACE look like a mere booklet”.

CM Taylor