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Traitors Gate - The Wool Producer

Ellys Manor House 100 Years War Edward III

Edward the III ( one of England's greatest Kings, when kings fought shoulder to shoulder with their men on the battlefield), partly went to war to save our wool routes, had he not done so, today things would have been very different.


Prime Minister will continue to back British farmers

- and what of our historic environment?

Ellys Manor House Prime Minister May

To maintain, or even accelerate, British farming's contribution post-Brexit, we need Government to secure the right trade con­ditions and access to a competent and reliable workforce in formal negotiations.

The NFU has welcomed comments from Prime Minister Theresa May on food and farming's future post-Brexit, stating she 'will continue to back British farmers'.
In her answer to Victoria Atkins MP, Louth and Horncastle, during Prime Minister's Questions, the Prime Minister said: "We do have an opportunity to build a new future for our food & farming industry when we leave the European Union. We will maintain the UK's high standards of food safety and of animal welfare, that will be a priority for us and any trade deals we enter into will need to be right for consumers, for busin­esses, for farmers they will need to ensure our food safety and environmental protection and of course the animal welfare standards I just referred to. We recognise the need for certainty for businesses and we've already provided guarantees of support for farmers up to 2020 and I can assure her we will continue to back British farmers."
NFU President Meurig Raymond said: "We are pleased to see that farming's significant contribution to the country, economically, socially and environmentally, has been recognised at by the Prime Minister.
"For every £1 invested in farming, it gives £7.40 back to the nation. It provides the raw ingredients for a food and farming sector worth £108 billion and employing nearly 4 million people. It's providing a secure food system within our shores, feeding the nation.
"To maintain, or even accelerate, British farming's contribution post-Brexit, we need Government to secure the right trade conditions and access to a competent and reliable workforce in formal negotiations.
"The importance of certainty for farming businesses mentioned by the Prime Minister is something British farmers need and the country needs. We're continuing to push for commitments for when the Treasury's guarantee comes to a close at the end of 2019. After all, this will be when the UK is operating outside of the EU.
"The Prime Minister rightfully says we have an opportunity to build a new future for our industry post Brexit. The NFU's work on post-Brexit policy will ensure Govern­ment is able to seize this opportunity so the farming sector can thrive." 

Ellys Manor House The Wool Sack The House of Lords

Those who lord it over us, how soon they forget.

Ellys Manor House Traitors Gate ImageIt is inconceivable that those working in local authorities (not all, but a few) are being paid to destroy two of the nation's most significant and iconic symbols. Whether out of:
ignorance, incompetence or just being malicious, that is to be assessed. However, there is a gate at the Tower of London that bears the name of people who carry out such acts.

the Wealth of England  by SusanRose


Ellys Manor House Image of the Book the Wealth of EnglandThe wool trade was undoubtedly one of the most important elements of the British economy throughout the medieval period - even the seat occupied by the speaker of the House of Lords rests on a woolsack. In The Wealth of England Susan Rose brings together the social, economic and political strands in the development of the wool trade and show how and why it became so important. The author looks at the lives of prominent wool-men; gentry who based their wealth on producing this commodity like the Stonors in the Chilterns, canny middlemen who rose to prominence in the City of London like Nicholas Brembre and Richard (Dick) Whittington, and men who acquired wealth and influence like William de la Pole of Hull. She examines how the wealth made by these and other wool-men transformed the appearance of the leading centres of the trade with magnificent churches and other buildings. The export of wool also gave England links with Italian trading cities at the very time that the Renaissance was transforming cultural life. The complex operation of the trade is also explained with the role of the Staple at Calais to the fore leading to a discussion on the way the policy of English kings, especially in the fourteenth century, was heavily influenced by trade in this one commodity. No other book has treated this subject holistically with its influence on the course of English history made plain.

Table of Contents

list of maps tables and Illustrations Introduction
Part One Production
Chapter 1 The good shepherd and his flock
Chapter 2 The evidence of Estate Accounts
Part Two Trade
Chapter 1 The organisation of the market for wool
Chapter 2 The direct Intervention of the Crown in the market
Chapter 3 Prices and Quantities
Chapter 4 Wool Merchants and Clothiers c.1400-c.1560
Part Three Politics
Chapter 1 The Crown's attitude to trade
Chapter 2 The wool trade and royal finances
Chapter 3 The Crown and the Company of the Staple 1399-1558
Part Four Decline
Chapter 1 Excessive numbers of sheep?
Chapter 2 A 'disorderly market' in wool
Chapter 3 Did the wool trade make England rich?
Index and Bibliography
Reviews & Quotes

"Wool has been the life blood of England for millennia. Yet while we are fascinated by stories of Empire, War and Conquest, we have not given the attention necessary to understanding the trade, industry and politics involved in our most important commodity. This book is essential reading for appreciating how bound up the wool trade was with the history of England, and it weaves major individuals, events and ideas into the story of the material that made England wealthy-Wool."

Dr Janina Ramirez
Department for Continuing Education, University of Oxford (16/10/2017)

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