Santander Foundation Helps Ellys Manor House and Local Children with Exiting New Project

Santander FoundationSantander has kindly decided to help us realise an important project along with our local school, Great Ponton Primary School. Today they have run a bake sale to continue their commitment of raising funds for getting the children transport to St Pancras. Below is the email we sent to Brandy McCabe, Branch Manager at Santander, to share our idea for the project and ask for their support.

Ellys Manor House East Facade 


C/o: Brandy McCabe 

I write to seek your support at Santander Foundation. My wife and me were drawn to this wonderful county of Lincolnshire by Ellys Manor House and the adjacent church of the Holy Cross (as line drawing above), together the two form an historic landmark to the area.  

It puzzles me why a county with so much realises so little, thus with these two fine buildings, we aim to do what we can to bring about change.

Up at Ellys Manor House (EMH), our aim is to do whatever we can to assist in getting our beautiful: county, country and businesses punching above their weight. EMH with church, are without doubt two of our most significant and iconic buildings in the United Kingdom (symbolising the northern Renaissance). The two buildings are inextricably linked; located in the village of Great Ponton, approximately 3 miles south of the ancient market town of Grantham.   

The house and church tower were built by an English wool merchant (member of the Ellys family) of the Staple of Calais, a trade everybody to these shores can be proud of. These are not symbols to ex-slavers, these beautiful and iconic buildings are symbols to the wool trade, the Wealth of England. What is the point of us having things of value, if we do not know how to use them to our advantage?

One of our great poets, Sir John Betjeman helped save the iconic building that is St Pancras. We must now market King’s Cross St Pancras around the world as the gateway to this beautiful country. Up at EMH, we have ideas in abundance. However, first we would like to coach about twenty of our children from Great Ponton Primary School to recite one of Betjeman’s poems on Lincolnshire at St Pancras, next to Betjeman’s statue and film them doing so. Thus far, all concerned are excited by the idea. However, sadly, the parents do not have the financial resources for the rail fares (total, £580.50). We desperately need support for this worthwhile project (whatever you can do will be appreciated) to become a reality. Ideally, we would like this to take place end of April – 2019. Please see further info as attachment on EMH, which I feel you might find of interest.

We look forward to your reply in due course.

Yours sincerely,

CM Taylor (Mr)