Holy Cross - Seven Years of Persecution

Our history should be sacrosanct, yet two of our most significant and iconic historic buildings in Western Christendom, have been desecrated and are now blighted! 

The fascinating wall paintings at Ellys Manor House (EMH), were discovered nearly one hundred years ago. The eminent scholars of the day said of them, “They are an English interpretation of French verdure tapestries”, (whatever that means”). It is baffling to think that for sixty-three of those years, the house was used as a Rectory. Later and Current scholars have continued to regurgitate what was said. That is until 2019 when I (CM Taylor) broke the code to find a mix of Greek mythology and early Christian symbols. I am now communicating with scholars around the globe to corroborate my findings. 

This is a massive project. I have called for assistance from competent PhDs in the fields of studies, but sadly, the silence at home deafens me. However, I do now have a couple of world-renowned Theologians I can call on. You see, this is not just about the wall paintings. When I say, “EMH with the Holy Cross church adjacent fully encapsulates European and British history,” that rings through. This will be brought to everyone's attention very soon.

The United Kingdom Government must have the courage to say publicly if, in the United Kingdom, we are done with Education, the Rule of Law, Equal justice for all citizens and Christianity. They must further say whether the local councils have been given a mandate to act on matters of which they are without knowledge.

Know that I am completely independently minded, of no political persuasion. My passion is justice for all, and to have cohesion in society. What we are experiencing, validates what was said many years ago by Thomas More, “One of the greatest problems of our time is that many are schooled but few are educated." 


As seen above, Mary visits her cousin Elizabeth; they are both pregnant: Mary with Jesus, and Elizabeth with John the Baptist (Temple in the name of St John the Baptist). Mary left Nazareth immediately after the Annunciation and went "into the hill country ... into a city of Judah" (Luke 1:39) to attend to her cousin (Luke 1:36) Elizabeth.

Ein – Karem, a suburb of Jerusalem, where the church of the Visitation is located with a Natural Spring, which Mary would have drank from. Ellys too, the wool merchant and pilgrim would have chosen his location carefully. 

Grantham was an important wool market town, and the village of Great Ponton was said to be the ‘Ad Pontem’ of the Romans. The village is located approximately three miles south of Grantham, between Ermine Street, one of the earliest Roman roads in the country to the east, and the great north road to the west.  


   Mary's SpringMary's Spring   Great Ponton Spring
Photos left to right: Mary's Spring, Great Ponton Spring 


Know that this is a minuscule amount of what is to come. We aim to serve with knowledge, and evidence from us deciphering our symbols at Ellys Manor House. Our great wish is for our future generations to benefit from this fascinating body of work, which takes us from Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt and into Jerusalem.


Sao Bentoe Sao Bernardo (1542) Diogo de Contreiras.

Sao Bentoe Sao Bernardo (1542) Diogo de Contreiras Painting


I have brought this matter to the attention of Mr Alan C.Scott & Ms Theresa Donohue at the home office on numerous occasions over a seven year period, but no one seems to be listening or taking action.

Do keep in mind, after seven years of persecution at Ellys Manor House (EMH) with the Holy Cross church adjacent, we have now gone global to garner support to stop the desecration and destruction of heritage and culture. 

Know that our troubles at EMH – Great Ponton, have gone through a Planning investigation and the Government Ombudsman, who both assured us everything is fine, contrary to what we are now experiencing in the village at Great Ponton. We would not wish to second-guess Ian Wright, Principle Planning and Conservation Officer (retired in Spring 2023), Jonathan Short, Senior Planning Enforcement Officer, Development & Implementation, South Kesteven District Council Planning and Conservation Department and the Parish Council of Great Ponton’s motives. We feel they are all the best people to explain in a court of law their motives and actions.  

It is sad to think that just a few months ago, people from all around the globe were focused on the United Kingdom, and travelling from around the world to the burial of a Queen, and then just a few months later, descending on the United Kingdom once again, to witness two elderly people at Westminster Abbey in an elaborate performance (all in archaic garb) of being anointed as God’s representatives on earth, where they promised to defend Protestantism and God’s house. But it now appears, “that it is the chickens who rule the rost”.           

Chicken Farm at Great Ponton?

Chicken Farm in Great Ponton



                     COLSTON - SLAVE TRADER                    

Slave trader structure being dumped in the water


Dover castle in England


Starling Castle

 Holy Cross Church Great Ponton

Holy Cross Church Great Ponton


Video screenshot of  Holy Cross Church Great Ponton


The Barns next door, Great Ponton


Video shot of The Barns next door, Great Ponton 

There are serious planning issues that must be addressed at Great Ponton in a court of law.


Now let us take a look at integrity as follows: -


Abbey Church of St Savin sur Gartempe – with the thousand-year-old frescos, France.


 Abbey Church of St Savin sur Gartempe


Notre – Dame Cathedral in Amiens – Visit the Somme, it is the treasure of Amiens and a UNESCO World Heritage. The largest Gothic structure in France, Built-in 1220.  

Dame Cathedral in Amiens 


Notre – Dame Cathedral in Amiens - Inverted Star Window  

Dame Cathedral in Amiens


San Bartolome de Ucero, the edifice at Rio Lobos, Spain. 

San Bartolome de Ucero, the edifice at Rio Lobos, Spain.


Note the inverted star window. 

Inverted star window.


Church of St Martin, Nohant – Vic, France. 

Church of St Martin, Nohant – Vic, France.


A detailed section of the wall paintings – The Crucifixion of St Peter – French School c. 15th century.  

The Crucifixion of St Peter – French School c. 15th century.


   St Martin de Tours.

St Martin de Tours.


           "Will no one explain the Trinity -The Godhead?"         


E M H – Inverted Star Window  

E M H – Inverted Star Window

Ellys Manor House drawings




Climate activists Vanessa Nakate, Luisa Neubauer, Greta Thunberg, Isabelle Axelsson, and Loukina Tille  

Climate activists Vanessa Nakate, Luisa Neubauer, Greta Thunberg, Isabelle Axelsson, and Loukina Tille, from left, arrive for a news conference. They go to bed at night, not knowing if tomorrow they and their family and friends will be washed away and drown in a flood, or be burnt alive in a raging inferno. 

'If we dont fight for our future we are doomed'