Defending Our Heritage

Archbishop Richard BancroftThe custodians of Ellys Manor House are sorry to inform you we have been forced to close our significant and historic building to the public. Ellys Manor House, and the neighbouring Grade 1 listed Church, fully encapsulates early modern European and British history. The two buildings form an iconic landmark in Britain; we know many of you have enjoyed visiting us.
We have made this extraordinary decision in protest against the actions of the South Kesteven District Council. Despite (period of approximately - five years, and some months) of trying to work cooperatively, Council insists on taking action which will adversely affect the heritage value of Ellys Manor House and Church. Their decision to not intervene on the unauthorised operational development being carried out by Mr & Mrs Welham at the barns will seriously compromise these two historic and iconic buildings, which will lead to their demise.
We know you care about your heritage, again, please sign our online petition and rest assured we will keep fighting for the history and beauty of Britain. Thank you so much for reading this.