A hidden gem


BBC's East Midlands Today realises this hidden gem within one of the countries most significant historic houses.

Ellys Manor House (EMH) is without doubt, one of our most significant historic homes in the United Kingdom. EMH is not about bombast or bling, this is about integrity. The architectural language of the building perfectly encapsulates early modern European, British and Hanseatic League history, thus we are a testament to the Northern Renaissance. The house and the adjacent church tower were built by a member of the Ellys family, an English wool merchant of the Staple of Calais.

The house boasts a fabulous scheme of early 16th century wall paintings in the upper rooms, described by architectural historian, Sir Nikolaus Pevsner as, “a rare English interpretation of French verdure tapestries”. The wall paintings dated around 1500 are said to be, “the most complete, extensive and important domestic decoration of this date in the country”.

EMH receives no council or government financial support. We are entirely self-financing; should you wish to support us in the conservation of this fabulous scheme of early 16th century wall paintings for future generations, please do get in touch.

The history of a people.


“It is impossible, as Stubbs showed long ago, to understand English constitutional development without reference to wool”.

The Wool Trade by Eileen Power.