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Ellys Manor House Northern Renaissance
			iconic stepped gables at Ellys Manor House
The house with iconic stepped gables reminiscent of Flanders is an architectural gem.

Late Medieval Wall Paintings at Ellys Manor House
The main feature however is a scheme of early 16th century wall paintings said to be the most complete, extensive and important domestic decoration of this date in the country.

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Radio Presenter Dave Bussey Interview About Ellys Manor House
Ellys Manor House part one
Ellys Manor House part two

What could possibly connect this small ancient manor house (Ellys Manor House) located 4 miles south of the historic market town of Grantham, Lincolnshire, and the three as follows?: -

Blickling Hall Estate main entrance

Blickling Hall - Estate main entrance, Norfolk England.


Princeton University - Firestone Library, Washington USA.


The Morgan Library & Museum - New York NY USA.

Visit Ellys Manor house (EMH) to find out.